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Women’s Lacrosse: Molly Fishter

Being a student-athlete at the University of Michigan definitely has (a lot) perks. Wake up in the morning with a stiff back? Tell your trainer and they’ll take care of you. Hungry every half hour of every day? Head to Grab-N-Go for a myriad of snacks and breakfast options. Determined to ace a difficult class this semester? No problem, tell your academic advisor and they will be sure to schedule tutors accordingly in order for you to prosper. If I had to choose, my favorite resource as a Michigan student-athlete would have to be the Academic Center, AC. I truly don’t know where I would be without the open science lab my freshman year. Huge shout out to all the help from other student-athletes and friends that I met in the science lab for helping me make my way through General Chemistry. The location of the AC is crucial to get some homework done in the hour between lift and practice. Not to mention the bountiful snacks provided at the fueling station upstairs for those late night cravings or midday munchies.

Being on the women’s lacrosse team here, we are just going into our third season. We are a young program to say the least. My junior year of high school I visited the University of Michigan as a prospect and was able to have the honor of meeting then Michigan Athletic Director, Dave Brandon, who ended up being a major influence in my decision of UM. With the risk of joining a new program in mind, he raised the question: with all of the tools, how could this program not succeed? He had me persuaded. And certainly, Dave Brandon, I now know just why you were so confident; Michigan does it all.

To the University of Michigan: thank you. Thank you for providing a surplus of tools to aid student athletes in succeeding. Yes, we may get 20+ hours less of sleep and study throughout the week than the average University of Michigan student, but with all the help, how could we not thrive in all that we do? You have literally got us covered in all aspects; food, academics, nutrition, fitness, health, oh and did I mention food?

University of Michigan SAAC