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November 19 Update: Health, Community Service, Social Identity, and Pizza House!

SAAC continues to expand its reach through enthusiastic efforts on the part of the Executive Board and Team Representatives to bring relevant information and opportunities to all Michigan Student Athletes! At our most recent general assembly meeting, we brought in a guest speaker, engaged in thoughtful discussion, and ate great pizza!

Darryl Conway, the new Associate Athletic Director of Student-Athlete Health & Wellness honored us last night with a special presentation on the new drug policy and ways Michigan is trying to keep us safe. Thank you to Darryl for picking out the important parts of the new policy and gearing the information towards us so that we can better understand it! Darryl is in a newly created position supervising athletic medicine trainers, nutritionists and equipment managers, and we feel very excited and grateful to form this relationship with him and help improve the student athlete community.

Afterwards, we discussed the launch of the new community service program and also the possibility of SAAC embarking on creating our own “campaign”, of which the team reps had great thoughts on both. As for the “campaign”, SAAC is considering pursuing efforts to increase awareness of social identity. Since our own community is so diverse in so many ways, we believe it is important to not only accept, but also celebrate this diversity. Respecting others’ and our own social identity can lead to a warm, welcoming atmosphere and benefit us in many facets of life. Although this is still in very ambiguous stages, we are hoping to utilize input from all members of SAAC to foster a program that will allow Michigan Student Athletes to support something in unity.

Finally, Pizza House has graciously offered to sponsor our general assembly meetings, and last night was the first time having Pizza House pizza at the meeting!! Deep Dish and regulars of cheese and pepperoni equaled a very happy SAAC. Thanks, Pizza House!

Check frequently for more updates from Michigan’s SAAC!

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