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Department integration brainstorming

Yesterday’s SAAC meeting consisted of frequent interaction among all of the respective sport representatives. The homecoming dance was addressed and many of the reps seemed to be satisfied with just about everything from location, appropriate behavior, and bus service success for the event. The Homecoming recap was a success and everyone concluded that the timing of the event still needs to be figured out because the current fall break time frame poses problems for a few teams.

The main item on the agenda for the night took a look at the relationship between the student-athletes, athletic administrators, and compliance staff. Everyone feels that there is a relationship barrier between the three respective areas for different reasons. As a committee it is our goal to change this starting this year. We split up into about five groups and discussed ideas in which could bolster these relationships. Ideas consisted of one-on-one sit downs at sporting events, weekly events at the Academic Center, student-athlete sections at football games and more.

One of SAAC’s goals is strengthening the athletic community and the student athlete image on campus, and getting a working relationship going with the non student-athlete half of the Department is a huge stepping stone. Many ideas were shared among SAAC team members that would enhance the student-athlete experience on campus that will be shared with the rest of the Department. If you have an ideas, comments or suggestions please let us know! We are open to all suggestions!


You can throw us comments on our Facebook page or Twitter or talk to a team rep if you’ve got ideas.

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